Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sap's this Past Sunday

Stopped by Sap's on Westgate, just off of Ben White/290W on Sunday to tie on the Thai grub bag. Started with Pud Gra-tiem Prik Thai Moo (S-P2), a very simple stir fry of marinated pork finished "dry-style" (meaning not much sauce). The coating on the meat comes from garlic and thick soy with a touch of fish sauce, and the flavor is rich, deep, and surprisingly complex for the simplicity of the dish.

Next was S-P34, a stir fry of mung bean sprouts, scallion, and , in this case, chicken. This dish is simpler than the one above, but, again, it's amazing how the flavor develops with such a simple group of ingredients tossed with a light soy sauce. Obviously, these are both heavily-influenced by Chinese cuisine.

Last was Yen Ta-Fo Haeng, S-G2, based on S-NS12, but without the broth. Yen Ta-Fo is one of the premier Thai street food dishes, and available all over Bangkok and Thailand. It's a big bowl of pinkish noodle soup with either sen yai (wide) or sen lek (thin) rice noodles. The sauce is made of salted soybean paste, fish sauce, lime juice, roasted chile paste, pickled garlic, white sugar, and tomato. On top of the noodles are cubes of fried tofu, shrimp, fishballs, imitation crab, squid, and baby bok choy. It is rich, tart, spicy, and tangy...a dish that will really wake up the taste buds, and a nice pairing with the simpler stir fries. Love me some Sap's.

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