Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Afternoon Stop at Sap's

Stopped by Sap's Fine Thai Cuisine on the way home from work yesterday and grabbed a couple of delicious  items off the menu. I needed shoring up via comfort food  since I had just found out that I need a knee replacement on my left flank. Poor old football and restaurant-damaged joint is bone-to-bone and ain't gonna get any better until it gets replaced with a techno-knee. As The Borg would say on Star Trek, "Resistance is futile", and so, at some point in the near future, my knee will become a cyborg knee, and I will be assimilated, and hopefully much more mobile. I'm wondering if I can keep the old knee....maybe make a wind chime out of it or something.........

Anyway, back to the food. Ordered S – P32: Pad ped nor mai with (ground) pork. This is one of my go-to dishes, made of bamboo shoots, Thai basil, jalape├▒os, fish sauce, garlic, herbs, stock…it’s the same sauce that’s on the "Amazing Green Beans". I prefer it with ground pork instead of sliced pork, and sometimes I add fried tofu cubes to it, but I love this dish and highly recommend it. It's marked 4 chiles on the menu, and is fairly spicy...especially since the Thai basil has an alchemic property whereby it accentuates the piquancy of the chiles.

I also got S – P30: Napa cabbage soup with codfish. This is basically another version of Gaeng Jeud (“bland curry”, or "bland soup") but the taste is certainly not bland.  It's made from chicken stock, codfish fillet, celery, green onions, fried garlic, cilantro, and white pepper. The taste is clean and light, and I add a bit more white pepper and some roasted chile paste to amp up the zippiness quotient. Once again, great meal.

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