Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Triple Treat: Numero Uno

This Thanksgiving I was blessed with the ability to gorge on three separate feasts. Numero Uno was a get together by the food (and spirits) writers of The Austin Chronicle, hosted at the Rachel Feit’s sumptuous abode. The idea was meal that was all made from local farmer’s market finds. We divided up the meal by courses and everyone cooked something, at least those that could make it anyway. Chronicle food fotog John Anderson came by and snapped excellent shots of the grub and the drinks, and the recipes are all posted on the Food section’s blog, linked here:

I was doing an appetizer, pork-stuffed Thai dumplings with a sweet-spicy soy and garlic dipping sauce, and a side dish: braised and glazed baby turnips with greens.  Here’s a shot of the aforementioned baby turnips at the Mueller Farmer’s Market, prior to cooking.

A shot of the fresh shitakes that went into the dumpling stuffing, at the Mueller Farmer’s Market.

The turnips braising and glazing.

The dumplings pre and post steaming.

Rachel’s yummy amuse buche of Dr. Kracker crackers, ricotta dolce, and olive oil-marinated manchego.

Table decorations…

Kathy’s excellent moist roasted turkey stuffed with tamale stuffing….

Wes and Em’s drop dead delicious salad of kale and cannellini beans….

My pork and shitake Thai dumplings with spicy sweet soy and garlic dipping sauce….

Kathy’s spiced up Texican tamale stuffing…..

Gracie’s’s über cheesy Swiss green bean casserole…..

The braised and glazed turnips and greens……

Rachel made a delightful pear-marzipan tart…..

Virginia’s yummalicious Dutch apple pie…..

Melanie made a delightful Low Country sweet potato casserole that escaped my camera, and likewise for Rachel’s wonderful cheese and chive biscuits. Wes made a variety of cocktails, and Ivy had a staggering assortment of beers and ales, and we ate and drank until we couldn’t eat or drink any more. It was a very nice congregation and a real pleasant and delicious way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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