Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Triple Treat: #2, Sap's

Buddha image in the restaurant….

On Wednesday the 21st, Thanksgiving Eve, I stopped by Sap’s Fine Thai Cuisine on Westgate for a bite to eat on the way home from work at UT, forgetting that they were closing at 3 that afternoon. I got to the front door and saw folks scurrying around inside so went in to find myself in the middle of the beginning of a staff Thanksgiving party. They recognized me and invited me in, so I sat down to a sumptuous feast.

Dinner rolls and rice, and one of the many bowls of a delicious turkey and tofu parlow that Sap made, using 35# of turkey. I saw the pot in the kitchen; it was massive (not to mention incredibly delicious). Parlow (AKA palow, palao, pa-loh, etc.) is a Thai dish inspired by a Chinese pork dish, where pork (or any meat, especially pork, chicken, and goose) is braised low and slow with soy, black soy, star anise, five spice, ginger, garlic, onions, white pepper, palm sugar, stock, cubes of fried tofu, and hard-boiled eggs. It’s the Thai version of the Chinese technique called “red cooking” and a fantastic way to cook turkey.

There was a huge tray of shrimp satay skewers that were perfectly cooked. More trays kept appearing from the kitchen.....

The ubiquitous and yummy  shrimp cocktail tray.

Turkey parlow, pa-loh, palo, palao…..

Huge tray of grilled spicy flank steaks that melted in your mouth….

Thai fabric…..

Buddha duo….

MOST excellent green bean casserole made by Kay, Sap’s bride, who had never made any kind of American Thanksgiving dish before….

Cranberry from the can…you have to have it…..

Kay’s pecan and sweet potato casserole, again, absolutely delicious.

Kay tackled her first turkey and we all decided it was perfectly done, moist, flavorful, and damn near perfect.

I dropped by expecting a Thai dish from the menu and got invited in for a feast with the staff. A warm family welcome with wonderful food; Sap's turkey was incredible, and Kay outdid herself!

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