Monday, June 4, 2012

Maters Roasted Off

So last week Diane decided to roast-off a bunch of tomatoes. They have 10 tomato plants, most of which are a new hybrid of Celebrity named BHN Rodeo 602, promising to produce 30-pounds per plant. Their promise is no stretch of the imagination. It is a fantastic new hybrid for the hot south and highly recommended. Chris has brought in at least 10 or 12-pounds daily, and the other day had a 50-pound bucket, saying there were that many more that would be ready in a couple of days. The Winslow’s have ‘maters comin’ out their wazoo.

So anyway, Diane took a whole tray of very ripe, sweet tomatoes, sliced them into wedges, along with some onions from the garden, drizzled them with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, thyme, and parsley, and roasted them at low temp for a couple of hours. The tomato water in the pan was ambrosial.

Before roasting.....

...and after.

Last night she sautéed a pan of thick-sliced mushrooms in butter and garlic, and when they cooked down a tad, added the roasted tomatoes to heat them back up. She had put a pan of herb and paprika sprinkled chicken in the oven and roasted them to a golden perfection. A pasta pot was heated, and she boiled off some spaghetti, and when drained, tossed it with the mushroom-tomato mixture. After a liberal sprinkling of parmesan, and a couple of big spoonfuls of the juice and schmaltz from the chicken roasting pan drizzled over the top, we sat down to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones, eating a delicious meal of tomato-riffic sketti and succulent roast chicken in high style. Yum yum.

 Tossed and ready.....

Note limpid pools of chicken juice topped with a transparent layer of golden schmaltz!

Good eats!

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