Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chen Z Hot Pot and Noodle Bar

Went again the other day and focused on the appetizer side of the menu, something they do particularly well. They bring out a plate of sunomono pickled vegetables as a lagniappe to get you started.

We tried some of their Red Chile Wontons with peanut sauce (add a little soy and chile paste and suck those bad boys down).

The Grilled Lamb Skewers are fantastic, fire-grilled and covered in a thick paste of cumin, garlic, and chile; this is North Chinese grub worthy of any crowded street vendor up there.

The potstickers are great: hand-rolled skins, plump porky filling, crispy golden-brown butts.  Even if they are small, you get 15 of them to an order, so the ratio of dough goodness is escalated. Regrets for not taking a photo of them, but we got a little excited, since we are potsticker fanatics, and the mind just went blank; they were devoured by the time I remembered to shoot.

For noodles, we went for the Chen Z original (it's a broth version) featuring the hand-shaved noodles. Rich and beefy, we loved it.

We also had the wok-fired Chen Z mixed meat noodles, subbing the chow fun wide, flat rice noodles for the ones that normally come with it. Best noodle dish of the visit.

If you're gonna do hot pot, we think the tomato broth is the most complex and flavorful...wanted to love the ma-la spicy chile and Sichuan peppercorn broth but found it one-dimensional. Tomato is on the bottom of the foto.

Look for the review coming soon in The Chronicle.
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  1. this looks utterly delicious. i'm going to try it out...thanks for the quick review & telling pictures!