Monday, March 19, 2012

Burgers in Buda

Saturday me and Art were having a writing meeting for the title we are working on (Starting and Running a Restaurant, that's due out next year) when hunger pangs struck. Negotiations began, dealing mainly with who had eaten what the most recently. By a process of elimination, we arrived at burgers as the obvious choice, and with SXSW going on in ATX, heading to Buda seemed like the perfect option.

The Buda Grocery and Grill makes a spectacular hamburger, pictured here my mile-high double bacon cheese burger (with two layers of 4 slices each of thickish bacon). It's a double fister, and there'll be a puddle of juice in the bottom of the basket when you finish, not to mention what's running down your forearms. How much you ask? $6.29. A pittance for the massive size and the excellent taste. Order it with a side of frings, like I did. Admittedly, they are frozen, but of high quality and cooked perfectly. Budaburgers ROCK! The building dates from 1913,  the staff is friendly as hell, and the food well worth the trip there..

Mick Vann ©


  1. Always on the lookout for tasty burgers: better none at all than mediocre ones. Locally I like Burger Tex (the one on Guadalupe) and I miss Fuddrucker's on Anderson. A juicy, rare patty on a grilled bun, w/grilled mushrooms and then load up the drippy condiments of choice. Mmmm, I'm droolin' thinkin' ...

    Oh yeah, NXNW (Stonelake and Cap o' Texas) has a decent bleu cheese burger.

    Any more suggestions?

    1. Sputnik on E. 6th
      Spec's at Brodie and Ben White
      Hopdaddy's on SOCO
      Big Ass Burger @ happyhour at Roaring Fork
      Mexican Burger at Mi Ranchito (add cheese)
      Cubanito burger at Cuban Sandwich Cafe
      Crown & Anchor