Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Burger and Frings at Sputnik

Went to Sputnik for lunch on Monday to review their burgers for a Chronicle thing (coming soon BTW), and as a spoiler, loved the stuff I had. Went with the Altered Beast burger ($7, I added a patty for another buck) and it was worth every penny. Localy-baked brioche bun, 80-20 Angus patty, loaded with grilled onion, extra cheese, chopped pickles, and topped with romaine, tomato. It's their version of In-and-Out's Double Animal Style. Fries are double-fried, crisp, and tasty, and their o-rings are like oniony pillows made with sweet thick slices enveloped in a Fireman's #4 and chipotle beer batter. Watch for the upcoming review...

1300 east 6th St.

Mick Vann ©

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  1. I must check this place out. I love Animal Style.