Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plant Pics 3192013

I have had it with Facebook not letting me post photos unless I delete Adobe from my desktop. Do that, and everything works fine, reinstall Adobe so I can read PDF's and Facebook has a hissy fit. I can live without Facebook, and will just post the plant pics on my blog.

This a big huge Tilandsia fasciculata, or Giant Airplant, from Central America, about 3 feet across.

Euphorbia cylindrifolia, from Madagascar. Small blooms about ½” across. Looks like a pile of green beans; it is not.

Big puffy eupatorium or ageratum-like pom pom blooms of Bartlettina sordida, from the high misty forests of Southern Mexico down to Guatemala. AKA “Purple Torch” and Blue Mistflower” it gets 10-12’ tall in the wild; 4½ feet in my greenhouse. The blooms smell like cotton candy.

Brugmansia in full-on bloom, earlier this month on the east side of the greenhouse.

A double spray of the Phalaenopsis hybrid that refuses to quit blooming.

It’s Amaryllis time! These scarlet trumpets are huge: 7” across. Double stems, 4 blooms each, simultaneous.

This is a nice little orchid from Costa Rica labeled Aspacia lunata by the post doc that had it in his research plants. Only problem is, the genus is spelled Aspasia, and A. lunata looks vaguely similar, but it looks MUCH closer to Aspasia epidendroides. This one smells exactly like a sweet combination of vanilla and chocolate. It’s a reliable little bloomer.

The yellow form of Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia milii forma lutea.    


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