Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Di’s Albino Chili

Before we went to see Los Lobos several weeks ago for my birthday, Princess Di (AKA, The Martha Stewart of Manchaca) had crocked up a pot of her famous white chili for us to eat before leaving for the show. This is a delicious blend of chicken and chicken broth, garlic and onions, orange bell pepper, corn, celery, and sour cream which grooves along happily in the slow cooker, and then right at the end, so that they retain some of their crunch, edamame are thrown in, along with some cilantro. The texture looks a little soupy at first glance, but there are garnishes that get added once it’s in the bowl.

The chili gets topped with crunched up totopos from Tortilleria Rio Grande II (the best totopos in town), unctuous diced avocado, and shredded pepperjack; adding salsa is a personal option. You get all of those garnishes in there, and you have a delicious bowl of mildly spicy goodness, with strings of melted cheese roped off of every spoonful. It was the perfect meal on a chilly night before a rocking Latino-themed concert.

Los Lobos were phenomenally good, and the only hiccup of the affair was the nervous nelly sitting directly behind us that was obviously on a fist date with whoever she was. He talked non-stop throughout the entire show, and even managed to serenade us (and his date) when he knew the words to any song they performed. A pox on you and any children you both may sire! If you’re wondering if you were that offending party, ask yourself if you had a large quasi-annoyed white guy turning back and glaring at you periodically through  the concert.

Waiting for our band of  hungry listeners when we got back to Rancho Winslow was a birthday cake that Di had made: moist and aromatic spiced apple with a fresh apple, sugary glaze. This stuff is addictively good and much loved by all who eat it. Di proclaims it as her favorite cake. I would agree. Thanks again Princess Di (and CBoy)!

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