Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guide to Pigs Link, 1.22.2013

I had to share this link that I was turned on to by my buddy R.L. Reeves Jr, AKA Chowpapi and Scrumptious Chef. We were emailing back and forth about heritage pigs, and I had found him some info on the Cornwall Large Black Hog, raised locally by Eden's Cove Family Farm in Cedar Creek. R.L. will soon be doing number eight in his series of  pop-up meals at our pal Ray Tatum's Three Little Pigs trailer, located behind East End Wines at the junction of Rosewood and E. 11th. The meal will be, of course, pig-centric since it is titled "Heritage Pig".

The way groovy Hezuo pig breed of Tibet....

The aforementioned link is a blog from "Professor Paul" and tells you more than you'll ever need to know about the breeds of pigs from around the globe, including prehistoric pigs. I love it when one person's obsession benefits the masses. It's a fascinating read and well worth a visit.





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