Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thai water jugs

For hundreds of years many Thai houses, especially in the countryside, would have a shelter out near the path or road, where they would keep ceramic jugs (khon toh) of fresh water. The water would evaporate through the vitreous ceramic, cooling it down. There would be a dipper or ladle (khon dtak naam) hanging nearby, so that thirsty travelers could stop, have a brief rest in the shade, and get a refreshing drink of water.

This particular version is at a weaving museum and textile coop, Pa Saeng Da Textile Museum (AKA ‘Baan Rai Pai Ngam’), which is located along Hwy 106, along the river near the village of Nong Ap Chong, outside of Pa Sang, about 40 miles south of Chiang Mai. The huge water storage jugs, which catch harvested rainwater, are called dtoom.These are still used out in the countryside...

Nowadays, the water is in a clear plastic bottle......

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