Friday, January 27, 2012

Virgie's BBQ in HTX

Virgie’s BBQ
5535 Gessner Drive, btw Porto Rico Rd. and Bamboo Rd.
(713) 466-6525

Virgie Handsborough and her hubby Jessie opened Virgie's Place in 1965 as a neighborhood burger joint.From '75 to '98 it was Handsborough's grocery, a neighbrhood store. Cut to 2005 when Virgie's son Adrian reopened it as a barbecue spot. We had heard good things about Virgie's so felt compelled to stop in and check it out. We had the brisket, sausage, and the pork ribs three-meat sampler. I GOT to tell you, the ribs were some of the best ribs I have eaten: juicy and moist, porky, with a nice and spicy bark on the outside, a flavorful smoke ring, tender and succulent but with the perfect amount of body to avoid any hint of mushiness. The sausage (not made in-house) has a nice snappy casing, and a medium-coarse grind, with a smoky-spicy-beefy taste. Pretty good sausage. The brisket was very good: dry, almost crispy bark with a nice spicy bite, good smoke ring, tender and moist meat, overall great flavor. The sauce, not that we used any, was dark and sweetish, with just a hint of a sour balance. Thankfully, it had none of that artificial smoke added...HATE the fake smoke. All in all, Virgie's is worthy of many happy returns.

Adrian hisownself

The three meats

Rib closeup....mmmmmmmmmmm

Virgie's patron, possibly even Virgie herownself, she of the leopard pillbox hat.

Loves me some Virgie's pork ribs!

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